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ASTM specs change faster than you can count.  It is not unusual to have the 
year appended with a letter.  Just glancing thru the table of contents of the 
1999 Volume 4.02, I see that ASTM C 94/C 94M-98c, Specification for 
Ready-Mixed Concrete, was changed 4 times in 1998, with 98 being the first 
revision in 1998, 98a being the second revision in 1998, 98b the third 
revision and 98c the fourth revision.

So the question now becomes, what do you want to compare to?  A lot of 
project specifications don't even specify the year for ASTM specs, but merely 
state that the specs should be the "latest" spec.

I don't know whether or not ASTM sells "old" specs, and I don't know how you 
would request the one that is the "current" one that you want.

I may have C 150 from 1966 until they put it in a separate volume from 
Concrete, if that will help.  Otherwise there should be a university 
engineering library in your vicinity, maybe even the Library of Congress, 
that would have old ASTM specs, but I doubt that you would be sure of getting 
the then "current" one or even the one under which the cement was 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gail Kelley wrote:

. > Does anyone happen to know of a source of old ASTMs (preferably free 
. > ...).  Or even better,  something that (accurately) documents the changes.

. > For example,  I'm looking for a copy of ASTM C 150 (cement) from the 
. > 1960s, because I want to compare it to the current version.

. > I think you may be able to get old versions from ASTM, but its really not
. > worth $30 or whatever they would charge me.  

. > Has anyone gotten old ASTM standards from ASTM?

. > Gail Kelley

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