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A few weeks ago one of the list members asked me (and I thought he was being facetious) what happened to my suggestion that we move the non-related technical discussions over to my own listservices. Most of you know that I started (a number of times) the web site. With my $95.00 a year fee, I receive an unlimited number of listservices which are listed under the Structuralist.Net domain.


I don’t receive anything from this other than traffic. But if you believe that his belongs on another list, then I offer you mine. You can subscribe at . Follow the directions to sign up and move the non-structural related debates over. I paid my $95.00 for the next year to keep my webpage up and the mailing lists are a perk with the service. I get nothing in return and the additional load is taken off this list for those who do wish to discuss these issues.


Once you subscribe and create a user name and password, you will be part of the freespeech(--nospam--at) Listservice.


This will make it easier for you to disseminate the information. You may subscribe and place the flow of e-mail from the service on hold for as long as you like without unsubing.


Now is a good time to take it off this list, if SEAINT won’t provide one for you.


Dennis S. Wish, PE


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