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RE: IRAN QUAKE/can we discuss ths?

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And I agree with Nels, especially with the following paragraph ...
"It seems to me that the best first approach to seismic hazard mitigation for new home construction in poor areas of the world where people have no choice but to live in earthen buildings would be to start by studying the traditional methods of a given district, and then develop and disseminate easy-to-understand and easy to communicate guidelines that could, with small modification to the traditional methods, incorporate seismic stability into the local traditional dwelling construction.  The  guidelines would include wall and opening proportions to maximize in-plane shear resistance; rules for height-to thickness ratios to promote wall stabilities; making use of light-weight materials for roof construction [to the extent available]; and details for interconnection of the walls to the roof.   High priority for a poor district would probably need to be to find a locally reasonable way of to minimize massive material overhead by building roofs of light-weight materials able to resist loads in tension and/or flexure [instead of using such heavy assemblies as vaulted adobe roofs, or branch-and twig-supported packed soils roofs].  It seems pretty likely that every local area will have its own unique best-solution to seismic hazard mitigation -- you and I will never visualize the needs from our desks.  Easy solutions are not available and the folks who take on the responsibility of solving these problems have staggering difficulties to overcome."
This certainly gives local engineers some direction that they could pursue in order to make the citizens of their countries safer in earthquakes.  It would be interesting to hear from some of them to see if anything like this is being done.
Jim Persing
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A very well written and concise explanation, well done. 
Mike Cochran