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Re: Misc Opinions

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> Is this observation based on time spent in other countries, a program of
> international studies or The Drudge Report? (Need I ask...)

All right, give me an example similar to the U.S.

Nearly all nations that come to mind came about because of ethnic
considerations. In fact, much of the strife WITHIN nations even in our own
day, are the result of ethnic, religious or cultural strife (e.g. Sri Lanka,
Malaysia, Russia (Chechenya), Northern Ireland, Fiji).

OTOH, the American Revolution was one of IDEAS, not ethnicity or religious

Even the American Civil War, about which you are so knowledgeable, wasn't a
struggle between races, but within a single race ABOUT the subjugation of
another. Quite extraordinary.

An "American" can look like just about anything: Chinese, Japanese, Indian,
Mexican, Arab, OR European. Or anything else, for that matter. And he or she
may worship in any of a variety of ways, or not at all.

What makes an American has little to do with the skin, but everything to do
with what is in the heart. That is the essence of our greatness: Not
"diversity" but uniform observance of certain principles enshrined in our
founding documents.

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