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Re: Misc Opinions

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>OTOH, the American Revolution was one of IDEAS, not ethnicity or religious
Not exactly. Jefferson laid it all out in the Declaration of 
Independence. The reasons he listed boil down to the fact that Americans, 
who considered themselves British, were being denied the rights of every 
other British citizen, such as the right to representation in Parliament. 
The ideas weren't being contested, only the behavior of the British 
Government and the Monarchy.

>Even the American Civil War, about which you are so knowledgeable, wasn't a
>struggle between races, but within a single race ABOUT the subjugation of 
Not quite. The basic fight was over secession--whether individual states 
had the right to disunite themselves from the United States. The reason 
the South wanted to disunite was to continue an economic system, based on 
slavery, favored by a fairly small number of wealthy planters. Slavery 
wasn't the cause, but there wouldn't have been a civil war if the 
Confederacy hadn't insisted on it.

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