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Earthquake ground movement question

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I do not know of any data on how much the ground moves in each cycle of an 
earthquake, however there are many photos of the *net* ground displacements 
and scarps developed during an earthquake.  I believe that a recent Turkish 
earthquake resulted in net ground displacement of several metres in one 

Many earthquake photos are available at:  


If you recall the video of the Kobe earthquake, office furniture on casters 
in a TV station stayed still while the floor beneath them moved about a foot 
or so.  (The video made it look like the furniture was moving, but it was 
actually the camera and the building moving.)

The Loma Prieta Earthquake had video of the backbar in a cocktail lounge 
moving out from under glasses stacked there when the first major shock hit, 
probably a movement of at least a foot to 18-inches.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Clifford Schwinger wrote:

. > Are there any websites that provide info on how much
. > the ground moved during the various big earthquakes
. > that have occurred?  Specifically, I'm interested in
. > knowing how far the ground actually moves during an
. > earthquake (net movement _ horizontal and vertical).
. > I'm also interested in knowing how the ground gets
. > from point A to point B during an earthquake. For
. > instance if during an earthquake the ground moves 3
. > feet north to south, does it go 1' north, 6" south, 1'
. > north, 6" south_.

. > Is this info collected and plotted out anywhere for
. > people to view?

. > I'm not planning on doing any rocket science with this
. > info _ I'm just curious since I live in an area that
. > fortunately rarely gets hit by any big ones. (The only
. > one I ever felt occurred about 50 miles from where I
. > live. I thought a truck was slamming on the brakes
. > down the street from my house and that was causing the
. > vibration. I learned the next day that there was a
. > "4.something" earthquake about 50 miles away from
. > Philadelphia.)

. > Happy New Year everyone!

. > Cliff Schwinger

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