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Re: Louisiana Engineers

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I suggest that you contact Marc Barter.  He is the chair of NCSEA Member
Organization Development committee (at least according to NCSEA's
website).  While NCSEA does not have chapters and does not really have any
official "capacity" in creating state/member organizations (this one's for
you Dennis <grin>, they do actively work with people in areas that don't
have a state level organization to represent them.  That is the purpuse of
the Member Organization Development folks like you get
together to form a state level (or even more "local") organization that
would then become a member organization of NCSEA.

Marc's email address is mbarter(--nospam--at) and his phone number is (251)
473-8354 (his full contact information in on the NCSEA  He is in Alabama, so he is fairly close by too.

Plus, if you want to talk to someone who was involved in such a process in
the recent past, then talk to Dave Ruby (druby(--nospam--at)  He was one
of the main folks involved in forming SEAMi (Michigan's SEA), which is now
about 6 years old.  He is a past member of the SEAMi board and is now a
member of the NCSEA board.  He is also active in CASE (was president for
awhile if memory serves me correctly).

Good luck.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Brian K. Smith wrote:

> To all interested Louisiana Engineers:
>     I have for some time wondered why no one has established a Structural
> Engineering Association for the State of Louisiana.  I am tired of wondering
> and complaining, so I hope to get the ball rolling with this email.  I am
> interested in establishing a SEAOL organization.  If anyone is interested in
> joining or assisting me in this matter, please email me at
> smithegr(--nospam--at)  I can personally handle most of North Louisiana
> (Alexandria up) but will need some help in the south.  I don't expect this
> to happen overnight, but maybe by mid year, we can have something going.
> Brian K. Smith, P.E.
> Smith Engineering Co., Inc.
> 318-741-1088

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