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Did anyone catch the show about Tsunamis last night on the history channel? One professor researching at USC says there is a 50% chance of a major tsunami hitting S Cal in the next 50 years, but it could be caused from a landslide on the shore, not just an earthquake. The most interesting thing to me as an engineer and surfer was that during the Bayridge (?) quake the LA water resevoir got 20ft waves! I never thought about the possibility of inland tsunamis.
Also, for science/eng geeks like me, I reccomend picking up an issue of this month's Pop Sci. They discuss current and future engineering projects, some of which are in the dream stage, such as: bridge to Sicily from Italy; an elevator from land to space; a rail link from Canada to Europe via sumberged tunnels that would contain a mag lev train that would run in a vacuum, capable of speeds over 1000mph; the tallest building by far in the world to be built in Dubai, UAE; and man made islands already being built off the coast of Dubai.

Andrew kester, PE

 Longwood, FL