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Re: Licensure

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You can transfer a US PE to Australian MIEAust. The Washington Accord was
established a few years ago that mutually recognizes academic credentials
between the US, Australia, and a bunch of other places including Hong Kong.
Check out

For some reason they want you to be a member of the ASCE also. As suggest
by others on this list, contact the Institution of Engineers Australia for
more info. Also, if you actually do this, pls let me know how it went. I am
Australian and working on a US PE right now (exam is in two weeks), and I
may do the same thing one day.

Michael Ludvik
Hardesty + Hanover
New York

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Does anyone know what the requirements would be for a US licensed PE and SE
to practice in China or Australia?

I know someone who knows someone who is planning on constructing several
retaining walls in both countries, and I was approached about doing the

Thanks for your help,

Jason W. Kilgore, PE, SE
Kansas City, Missouri

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