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Re: Cripple wall sheathing - need fast answer

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Regardless of code requirements, I recommend adding blocking between ALL joists w/ framing anchors connecting them to the top plate in your situation. The strapping will deal with the discontinuity, but lately I've seen 3 different houses where the joists have started to rotate above the cripple wall. Another case didn't have cripple walls, but did have a rim joist which was pulled away from the ends of the joists, and the joists rotated. I'm a strong supporter of adding new blocking where none exists.

Steve P
Pasadena, CA

On 4/1/2004 7:16 PM after considerable forethought, Dennis Wish wrote:

Thanks for the reply Steve. This is a situation where there is no rim
joists. The floor joists perpendicular to the cripple wall - unblocked.
The top plate of the cripple wall is a single plate as I think I
mentioned. The 2003 Existing building code does cover the conditions for
Rim Joists at the end of the floor joists - this is not the case. There
is a definite discontinuity unless you overlap the plywood and consider
the nailing of the panel as sufficient to continue the drag connection -
which does not make me comfortable. I think that since I have not had any other comments on this, I'll play
safe and block for a couple of bays to install strapping and take care
of the discontinuity. <SNIP>

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