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Re: Cripple wall sheathing - need fast answer

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I jump in late, as usual, but I find here that the "engineered" products don't require blocking.  Some years ago I heard that California was making it mandatory that joist over walls be blocked to prevent rotation (?).  Since that time I have recommended (strongly) that my Clients put in blocking through all joists on load-bearing walls.  Here, we generally continue the sheathing over the discontinuity.
WRT the "framing anchors" suggested by Steve, I'm not clear on the detail described.  Strapping across the discontinuity, with anchors carrying the load path through the blocking, makes sense.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 8:52 AM
Subject: Re: Cripple wall sheathing - need fast answer


Regardless of code requirements, I recommend adding blocking between ALL
joists w/ framing anchors connecting them to the top plate in your
situation.  The strapping will deal with the discontinuity, but lately
I've seen 3 different houses where the joists have started to rotate
above the cripple wall.  Another case didn't have cripple walls, but did
have a rim joist which was pulled away from the ends of the joists, and
the joists rotated.  I'm a strong supporter of adding new blocking where
none exists.

Steve P
Pasadena, CA

On 4/1/2004 7:16 PM after considerable forethought, Dennis Wish wrote:

>Thanks for the reply Steve. This is a situation where there is no rim
>joists. The floor joists perpendicular to the cripple wall - unblocked.
>The top plate of the cripple wall is a single plate as I think I
>mentioned. The 2003 Existing building code does cover the conditions for
>Rim Joists at the end of the floor joists - this is not the case. There
>is a definite discontinuity unless you overlap the plywood and consider
>the nailing of the panel as sufficient to continue the drag connection -
>which does not make me comfortable.
>I think that since I have not had any other comments on this, I'll play
>safe and block for a couple of bays to install strapping and take care
>of the discontinuity. <SNIP>


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