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Re: Structural Master's Degree online??

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I am earning my Master's right now at the University of Central Florida.  There is a program called FEEDS and you can accomplish most or all of the degree online with some careful planning.
Many students live near campus and take some classes online and some in person, most live within driving distance, but I have taken classes with one or two people from out-of-state.  Most of the lectures are broadcast over the internet.  Working out the thesis from a distance away would probably be the toughest part, though there is a non-thesis option.
I can't fully recommend this to anyone out-of-state, but it's worth looking into...
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Subject: Re: Structural Master's Degree online??

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Subject: Structural Master's Degree online??

> Does anyone know of an accredited on-line Structural Engineering 
> Program?  I have done numerous searches but have found none.

You're going to find some few programs that will include "distance
education" (Auburn University has such a program IIRC), but in the end 
are going to require some time on campus, doing research (a.k.a. 
slaving for
some tenured professor in the time-honored tradition), attending 

I don't believe an graduate degree in structural engineering is a 
candidate for online learning, like an Exec MBA would be, for example.