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St George's Island- bridge ramming

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That is a really interesting article Bill. That island is the closest, nicest beach to Tallahassee, and was very popular among college kids when I went to Florida State. I've been over that rickety bridge a few times.
Another funny thing is the Tallahassee politicians all have houses on that island or neighboring areas and coast. That area is in the path of hurricanes all of the time, in fact I got several "hurricane days" when the university shut down. Now the Florida Building Code has what is called a wind-borne debris region, within a certain distance of the coast there are special design criteria. The one exception is the panhandle coast, despite its wind speed of up to 140mph. The entire east coast of FL is 120mph and is wind borne debris. You draw your own conclusions....
Finally, I had a geotech professor at school who did research on auger cast piers/ piles in torsion, and one of the reasons for the research was that bridge piers undergo torsion when they are hit and a vessel spins around them, or they are hit at an angle. From what I know soil failure in Florida's sandy soils is usually the controlling factor, not torsion failure of the concrete.

Andrew kester, PE

  Longwood, FL  32750