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2001 NDS & Wood screw tapered tip length

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2001 NDS Section states for lag screws that "Minimum penetration (not including the length of the tapered tip) of the lag screw...." and section states for wood screws that "Minimum penetration of the wood screw into the main member for single shear....shall be six times the diameter."  The wood screw section does not specifically, unlike the lag screw section, state that the tapered tip should not be included in minimum penetration determination.  

However, section 11.3.4 states "The length of dowel bearing shall not include the tapered tip of a fastener for fastener penetration lengths less than 10D."  It seems that applies to wood screws as well.  However, I can find no information on the length of the tapered tip for wood screws.  

Does 2001 NDS section 11.3.4 apply to wood screws and, if so, what documents would give the length of the tapered tip for wood screws?

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