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1997 UBC & 2003 IBC (adopting ACI 530-02) Embedded AB resisting shear

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1997 UBC masonry section 2107.1.5.3 states that "Where adjacent anchors are spaced closer than 8db, the allowable shear of the adjacent anchors determined by formula 7-5 shall be reduced by linear interpolation to 0.75 times the allowable shear value at a center-to-center spacing of four bolt diameters.  I could not find a similar spacing requirement for embedded anchor bolts for shear in the 2003 IBC or the ACI 530-02.  

The calculations to determine bolt shear capacity is different and the minimum requirement is on anchor bolt embedment (ACI 530-02 section  Also, I did not see a reduction for close spacing of bolts for shear, although there is one for tension (ACI 530-02 section  What is the minimum center to center spacing requirement for adjacent bolts for shear loading for the 2003 IBC and ACI 530-02?

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