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RE: Welding Rebar to Stainless Steel

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See answers below. 

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Subject: Re: Welding Rebar to Stainless Steel

>Try contacting a stud manufacturer for concrete embeds - such as Nelson.
>I know they have some deformed bar anchorages that can be attached to
>regular steel for the same type application.  Perhaps they have some
>ideas or even a product for stainless steel to suit your needs.

I have looked into it. Nelson even has deformed stainless steel bars, but
the problem is in the edge distance requirements, 5d for tension and 10d for
shear, which we don't have in a 6" slab.
>What is the extent of the requirement for stainless steel?  And are you
>specifying it or are you buying it?  If this edge is exposed to the
>elements, then the elements could potentially seep behind the plate and
>corrode the rebar.

The architect is requiring the stainless steel plate as part of an elaborate
and fancy Facade, and yes corrosion is my main concern. What got me more
concerned is that the concrete is notched at the top to form a 1" gutter
behind the stainless steel plate. That's why I don't feel comfortable
relying on the welded rebar connection to take all the loads.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA

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