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Re: Welding Rebar to Stainless Steel

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		I second everything that has been said already on your weld.
		We have been forced to do this thousands of time by contract
documents. In fact, they even require us to "galvanize the assembly after
fabrication." The owner or EOR wants the price of galvanized weldable rebar
in the concrete and the corrosion resistance of stainless out of the
concrete. We have done what you are considering with a bimetal filler metal
(our fabricators MIG with E309L).
		If you want to shoot stainless studs and Nelson requires a
larger concrete section than is architecturally available, first, the
anchorage to concrete does not differ whether the deformed stud is stainless
or carbon steel AFAIK so you have the same problem with either material.
Second, you may perform your own anchorage analysis. If you do not have a
tried and true method, delve into CCD, Appendix D, ACI 318-02.
		A gutter in proximity to this detail surely makes the use of
all stainless attractive, but a 1" gutter makes me think that there is no
water expected in this location at all. And if there is water, it will not
follow the gutter most of the time as the gutter will be filled with debris.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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