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Seismic Expansion Joints

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My firm is located in an area where every building ends up in Design
Category "D". We typically try to exhaust all options before using moment
frames because of the IMF or SMF requirement for this Design Category.

Every now and then we will have a scenario where we want to split a building
into two separate structures (expansion joint) due to building geometry,
inadequate diaphragm strength, re-entrant corners, etc.

Which leads me to my question. When both or even one of these structures
uses IMF or SMF the lateral deflections become a huge issue with regard to
expansion joints.

Are expansion joints typically sized for inelastic displacements (i.e. using
cd * elastic displacements)?

50 foot tall buidling(s)
building one displacement=2" w/ cd=5.5 yields delta=11
building two displacement=2" w/ cd=5.5 yields dela=11
per IBC building separation=sqrt((11^2)+(11)^2)=15.55

How do you deal with an expansion joint this large? Floors? Wall and

Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated

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