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Pile Concreting through Bentonite Slurry

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In an ongoing project involving 30 inches dia bored concrete piles (drilled piers), 120 feet long, near coastal region, sometimes the tremie gets choked and has to be completely removed from the borehole, thus breaking the seal against bentonite slurry. We have advised the contractor to use a capped tremie when restarting the concreting and insert the tremie at least 5 ft inside the already cast concrete. The problem is that when capped, the 10 inches dia tremie cannot be pushed through the bentonite slurry due to its resistance against buoyancy. The use of capped tremie through the bentonite slurry, in the event of interruptions in concreting, is recommended
in various publications including Manual of Concrete Practice.
Any suggestions in this regard based on your practical experience?

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