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Response to Rudra Nevatia's posting

It depends on what one means by APPLIED LOAD. If by applied load, one
means loads which are only external, then, what is stated in that answer
is correct because the additional effect due to PDelta is not an
externally applied load, but a internally generated secondary load. 

The reactions from the supports however constitute the resistance of the
foundation to the external loads as well as the resistance to the
secondary loads. 

If the equilibrium report can show the summation of not just the
external loads, but the external and internal load, then that set of
values will be in equilibrium with the reaction.

As for doing a response spectrum analysis in conjunction with a PDelta
analysis, the sign of the displacements is lost once the SRSS or other
combination methods are applied. Without a knowledge of the sign of the
displacements, how does one accurately compute the Delta in the P-Delta?

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