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RE: online plan stamper

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Based on a quick online review of NY State licensing regulations, I couldn't
find where sealing another's work is permitted. I would be interested in
reading how it is worded. 

In my own opinion, some level of "plan stamping" should be permitted based
on a detailed review of the work and allowing for changes required based on
the review. For example, what if a PE dies just before a project is to be
sealed? There should be provisions allowing for another engineer to seal the
work, provided that adequate reviews are performed. 

However, the method of "review" described at the noted website does not
appear to provide for an "adequate" detailed review. I don't think that
simply performing a general review of a drawing is sufficient to take
professional responsibility for the design. 

I suspect that in states like NY, they can't stop this PE stamping until
actual projects are sealed - and then, if there is a complaint, they could
review the case to see if "proper" reviews were done. 

William C. Sherman, PE 
(Bill Sherman) 
CDM, Denver, CO
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> From: Craig Leech [mailto:cleech(--nospam--at)] 
> Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 12:50 PM
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> Subject: RE: online plan stamper
> I do not wish to argue for the person in question, as the 
> practice does seem to be open to abuse, but...
> What is illegal or wrong with such a proposal?  He asks for a 
> description of the drawing, it is sent to his office and it 
> is reviewed to ensure that it meets the required state code.  
> If the check is indeed performed, what is wrong?  
> We appear to be making a lot of assumptions.  He may limit 
> the $99 charge to simple letter size sketches of subjects he 
> is familiar with.  He may charge more for other complexities. 
>  It may just be a case of misleading advertising.  
> Again, not a defense, simply a question about requirements 
> before a PE puts his stamp on something.
> Craig (the non-PE)
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> Subject: RE: online plan stamper
> That is the thing...not all states have explicit rules that 
> disallow "plan stamping".  Many do, but some don't.  Thus, 
> the services offered on that website may end up being "legal" 
> in some states but not others.  And when I say "legal", it 
> can be in reference to ethical rules that are part of the PE 
> law in a particular state.
> So, no every state will reprimand someone for such practices 
> (even though one could argue that they should).
> But, that does not really address the more general ethical 
> position of the services (outside of whether or not it is in 
> violation of some state's actual ethical rules that are part 
> of the law).
> Regards,
> Scott
> Adrian, MI

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