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As I listened to Condoleezza Rice’s testimony on public radio today, I was struck by how well she pronounced the word “structural”. My tongue sometimes slows down when I use it and perhaps the listener thinks I’m a bit sluggish.


In any event, it seems she used the word very intentionally and almost continuously in describing the “structural changes” necessary in the way various government departments need to interact. It was as if this “change” was so very significant that she didn’t want to miss-construe the intent. This was no cosmetic change here, this was important down-to-the-bone stuff.


So I’m thinking… if the National Security Advisor of our nation is impressed by the word, how can we capitalize on this sound-bite? Perhaps we should rise together as Structural Engineers and offer our services to help with this seemingly daunting task of total re-organization of our nation’s security system. Maybe we can at least offer to “review” their efforts at Homeland Security?


Lastly, while I’m perhaps suggesting some light-hearted stuff here, it does make me remember that our profession deals with some important matters (life-safety). And that we can be taken seriously for what we know and how we use it.


Barry H. Welliver