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RE: online plan stamper

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If you study the subject website, you will find that this individual offers to review and seal multi-sheet sets of engineering drawings for as little as $9/sheet and promises overnight service.  Now consider the typical language in most state licensing laws and regulations.  For example, the Texas PE Boards Rules have the following provisions:

"131.166 Engineers' Seals"

(c) "Engineers shall only seal work done by them or performed under their direct supervision, except as provided in subsection (m) of this section concerning standards.  Upon sealing, engineers take full professional responsibility for that work."

(m) "When an engineer elects to use standards or general guideline specifications, those items shall be clearly labeled as such, shall bear the identity of the publishing entity, and shall be:

(1) individually sealed by the engineer; or
(2) specified on an integral design/title/contents sheet that bears the engineer's seal, signature, and date with a statement authorizing its use."

In practice, the PE Board has consistently interpreted these rules very narrowly.  "Direct supervision" means work that you have personally supervised, on premises, while the work was in progress.  An engineer employed full-time by Company A can only seal work done by another full-time employee of Company A working under his/her direct supervision.  This excludes all scenarios with part-time designers and reviewers, subconsultants and subcontractors, as well as individuals working for more than one employer.

Any other doubts or questions?

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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§131.166 Engineers' Seals

I do not wish to argue for the person in question, as the practice does seem to be open to abuse, but...

What is illegal or wrong with such a proposal?  He asks for a description of the drawing, it is sent to his office and it is reviewed to ensure that it meets the required state code.  If the check is indeed performed, what is wrong?  

We appear to be making a lot of assumptions.  He may limit the $99 charge to simple letter size sketches of subjects he is familiar with.  He may charge more for other complexities.  It may just be a case of misleading advertising.  

Again, not a defense, simply a question about requirements before a PE puts his stamp on something.

Craig (the non-PE)

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