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plan stamping

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This is from the Florida Board of PEs, it seems our state is on the ball in some regards, who knew!!
Engineers facing disciplinary action (plenty of them sound like plan stamping as well):
At an SE hourly rate of say $80-$100/hr, and he is willing to sign and seal for as low as $10/sheet??? How much review can be done for $10, when we can barely use the restroom for that much??
From FBPE FAQ section:
Most Frequently Asked Question #11
"Occasionally I have been asked by a contractor or other professional to sign and seal plans they did. I understand I can only sign and seal plans over which I have had responsible charge but what is meant by "responsible charge?"

Consider the following test found in Rule 61G15-18.011, F.A.C.: An engineer who signs and seals engineering documents in responsible charge must be capable of answering questions relevant to the engineering decisions made during the engineer’s work on the project, in sufficient detail as to leave little doubt as to the engineer’s proficiency for the work performed. It is not necessary to defend decisions as in an adversarial situation, but only to demonstrate that the engineer in responsible charge made them and possessed sufficient knowledge of the project to make them. Examples of questions the engineer must be able to answer include the criteria for design, methods of analysis, selection of materials and systems, economics of alternate solutions, and environmental considerations.


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