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RE: Boggled Out By Load Combinations

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Bill –


Believe it or not, I think I can accommodate the force (think: rubber band – AE is very small). Allowing for the movement (sliding connection) in my case would create more problems than it solves.


Sooo…If I understand your response to the original point, you’re saying to take Delta_sub_s and divide by 1.4 to arrive at the ASD level displacement for design of this rubber band?




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The force E for ASD is 1/1.4 times the value calculated by code formulas. (See CBC Section 1612.3.1 Eqns 12-9, 12-10 and 12-11)


But, unless the L is very big and/or the AE is very small, the force for most calculated deflections will be huge.  Wouldn't it be better to provide a sliding connection on one end?  Then the force would be quite small.  But the bearing for the element will need to allow the full range of movement.



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