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RE: Non-Composite allowable loads

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Thanks for making me look into this . . . I've blindly used this table for years, without questioning its meaning.
Somewhere in your Vulcraft book there's a set of SDI loading diagrams.  The simple span condition for bending moments shows two loading cases, one with a concentrated construction load of 150 lbs at midspan.  If you do the numbers you'll find it is the controlling case that yields 89 psf for allowable wet concrete and deck load.
John Riley
I am looking at a Vulcraft table for 2C 20 ga. Conform deck.  In the tables for "Allowable Uniform Load (PSF)" and single span condition (for example) and a 5' span the value for W1=89psf.  I understand this table is for the loads that the deck alone will carry.  The footnote at the bottom of the page describes this value as the maximum weight of concrete and deck.  I don't understand.  What is this?  I run calcs for the simple 5' span and agree with the 196 psf for flexure.  can anyone expain this value to me?
Joseph R. Grill, PE