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RE: seaint Digest for 12 Apr 2004

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I know of some friends / colleagues that specialize in the structural
design of pools....  I believe they've got some standard plans and calcs
that they use for simple, soil supported pools.  But, they get into some
pretty complex engineering when they have pools on hillsides, pile
supports, or such.  

They have a number of engineers over there, but my personal contact has
been mostly with a fellow named Aaron Cowen.  The company information is

Pool Engineering, Inc. 
(714) 630-6100

I hope that helps!  

Josh Plummer, SE

RISA Technologies
(949) 951-5815 voice
(949) 951-5848 fax

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Herman Goodman used to do this.  You might check with him for this =
Herman Goodman Associates Inc=20
14401 Sylvan Street Suite 209, Van Nuys, CA 91401=20
(818) 786-3387.
Jim Persing

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Is there a firm in Southern California that provides design services for
swimming pools separately from a specific manufacturer.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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