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plywood diaphragm deflection calculation

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Title: plywood diaphragm deflection calculation

You might want to review the ASD/LRFD Wind Seismic Supplement online at:

It has the most recent deflection equations for shearwalls and diaphragms.



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Subject: plywood diaphragm deflection calculation
From: "Bruce Holcomb" <bholcomb(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
I submitted this yesterday, but got a message that it was undeliverable, =
so I am trying again. I am basically asking what values to use for "G*t-=
sub-v" in calculating wood diaphragm deflection.
In calculating the deflection of a plywood diaphragm, you use the terms "=
G" (shear modulus) and "t-sub-v" (effective thickness for shear).=A0 I ha=
ve the 2001 NDS including the Supplements book for Structural Lumber, Str=
uctural Glulam Timber, Timber Poles & Piles, Wood Structural Panels and S=
hear Walls & Diphragms.=A0 On p SP-17 of the Wood Structural Panels secti=
on, Table 3.4 has values listed for the "Rigidity through the thickness",=
"G*t-sub-v".=A0 Are these the values to use for calculating the diaphrag=
m deflection?=A0=20
The reason I ask is when I compare with the "Plywood Design Specification=
" from APA, I find values for G and t-sub-v separately.=A0 I am checking =
three thicknesses: the first is 15/32" & 1/2" vs. 32/16 span rating, the =
second is 19/32" & 5/8" vs. 40/20 span rating and the third is 23/32" & 3=
/4" vs. 48/24 span rating.=A0 I am using "APA Rated Sheathing"; unsanded =
panels.=A0 I get approximately the same G*t-sub-v for the first and secon=
d, but not even close for the third thickness.=A0 Any advice? =A0
I am using "species group 1 for face ply" giving me G=3D90,000 psi and an=
d effective thickness of 0.298", 0.315" and 0.445" (corresponding to my 3=
checks above). =A0=A0
What am I missing?
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