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RE: Raised garage slab

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Hi Jim, good point!  The diaphragm in the detail is not connected to the foundation wall.  Two options we see include horizontal anchor bolts to connect the rim to the cmu foundation wall or A35’s for the rim to double top plate connection at the pony wall.  I have not looked at this detail for a while but we limit the span to 12’ so you have about 6’ of tributary and about 290 plf going into the foundation in case one or into framed wall sitting on top of the footing in case two.  The footing would be eccentrically loaded in case two but it is a minimum 20” wide.  I have not run the numbers but I suggest 3 continuous #5’s in the footing.  Thanks for your comments Jim, I’m going to suggest we provide a clearer detail.  Have a great day.


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Nice detail but where is the lateral shear transfer at the exterior wall?


Jim Persing

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We see this design too.  Mostly because there is a lot of peat and the cost of fill is expensive.   Our web site has a typical framed garage floor detail.  Click on handouts and then go to #42.    Do you still provide under floor ventilation?  I believe it is I good idea…


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The system that Dennis described is what I've used.  You should have a waterproof membrane under the topping slab, perimeter curbs under the garage walls, and positive slope of the entire floor out the garage door -- we had a grated trench drain just outside the door because the driveway sloped toward the garage.


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