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Boggled Out By Load Combinations

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Bill Allen wrote:

"Michael -

I don't believe I ever said steel, but, even if it was steel, couldn't =
it be a steel spring?

Regardless, that's off the point. Are you saying that I don't have to =
design for a any force due to the relative movement ("multiplier is

I was hoping I could design for Delta_sub_s divided by 1.4, but as it =
turns out, designing for Delta_sub_m divided by 1.4 is possible. I just
don't = feel this is the right value to design to. After all, I don't
have to design = any other member in the structure for a strength to
withstand a deflection = of Delta_sub_m, just provide enough space
between the structures to = accommodate this deflection."

You didn't say steel, but you talked about ASD and about a member thin
enough to act like a rubber band.  That sounds like steel to me, unless
it's some kind of rope or cable.  Or, I suppose, a steel spring.  Geez,
you're being mysterious.

I'm not saying you don't have to design for any force.  I'm saying I
can't imagine how you can, so it seems like you have to detail the
member to slide or otherwise get out of the way of the movement.  To me,
this is what "provide enough space between the structures to =
accommodate this deflection" leads to.

So, what is it?

Mike Hemstad, P.E., S.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota 

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