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Re: FW: Q: Weld QA/QC per FEMA 350

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Catherine Pagni wrote:

Thank you Tom.

Regarding the same WUF- welded web connection, the beam has a very shallow
depth. Would a bolted web connection be a better choice? Advice on selecting
between these connection is appreciated.

Thanks, Catherine

If you bolt the web, you would no longer have a WUF-W (the W meaning welded web) as it was tested. You would have something more like a WUF-B (the B meaning bolted web). Note that FEMA 350 says the WUF-B is only applicable for Ordinary Moment Frame systems. My understanding is that that there is very little "mixing and matching" permitted with these connections. Since these are prequalified connections you pretty much need to provide the connection detail the same way it was tested.

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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