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RE: Direct Supervision in Texas

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Although I am a strong proponent of design calculation checking, I'm not
sure that the law as stated would require the level of checking as stated
below - unless that is what you personally would require in order to "take
full professional responsibility for that work". In large engineering firms,
it is common for detailed design calculations to be performed and checked by
engineers other than the sealing engineer. The sealing engineer (PE) is
typically in "regular contact" with the design engineers and "exerts
significant control over the engineering work". The PE takes "professional
responsibility" for the engineering work but must partially rely on the
qualifications of the engineering staff assisting with the work. Thus, it is
up to you whether you "check every thread" of design done by another
engineer in your office. 

On the other hand, where PE laws are a bit more lax in definition of
responsibilities of the PE, it seems to me that it is not uncommon in
various sized firms for a senior level or principal engineer to seal
drawings performed by other engineers in the same office, but with minimal
supervisory control over the day-to-day engineering work except for a final
drawing review. If the senior engineer has overall supervisory control of
the office or group, the work can be said to have been done under the PE's
"supervision". Personally, I prefer PE laws which define more direct
supervision of the engineering work, although I think that the Texas laws
could be worded better. 

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Rand Holtham, P.E. wrote: 

> Subject: Re: Direct Supervision in Texas
> ... if someone else does 
> the engineering calcs for me (lets say an EIT and the direct 
> supervision clause then applies) then I must stay in very 
> close contact with the EIT and check every aspect of his work 
> as if I were doing it myself. This of course saves me no time 
> but gives the EIT the experience. If I go on vacation then 
> the EIT can continue to do the work I've laid out for him, I 
> just have to check every thread of work he has done before I 
> put my name on it. The bottom line is if someone questions 
> your work can you prove what you did, both with your 
> closeness to the engineering and involvement. 

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