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RE: Direct Supervision in Texas

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Just a couple of quick questions.  If a guy off the street brings you a drawing and you end up sealing it, after diligently verifying the adequacy and clarity of what is drawn...

1]  Was the drawing prepared personally by you?

2]  Was the drawing prepared under your direct supervision?

Assuming that the answers to both questions are "no", how can you seal it under current TBPE rules, interpretations, and enforcement policies?



Rand Holtham wrote:


I didn't say the guy who brings a drawing was a licensed engineer he could be anyone off the street with a drawing as long as I do the engineering there is nothing improper about affixing a seal and emblem to that drawing. And to Scott's question someone who is truly under my supervision can provide "tactical support" to me as long as I verify their work with analysis. I can't use the guy off the streets engineering (if he has any) I or someone I'm supervising must do the engineering and I must verify it either way.


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