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RE: Raised garage slab

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How about Verco W2 or W3 composite decking spanning over center support(s)
of  12- or 14-gage joists, back-to-back, supports as needed.  Note that the
CBC/UBC does not allow supporting structural slabs over a certain thickness
on wood members.  (Does anyone know the reasoning behind this?? Is it
because of wood shrinkage worries??)

I don't know what hills there are in Davis, but up here in the boonies we
can get a 10-foot elevation difference over the length of a garage.  At $30
or so per CY of pea-gravel fill, this adds up fast.  You can also avoid
designing a bin to hold the fill--only need an 18-inch wide (or so) footing
with 8-inch CMU wall, not a retaining wall and 5-foot wide footing on the
down-slope side.  Although some masons try to argue that the retaining wall
will be held back by the garage slab at the top, and so the footings don't
need to be so wide.  We try to explain that even if they work REALLY fast,
the wall will still have time to fall over before they finish backfilling
and the floor slab cures....

This method also could give some useable storage space under the slab,
depending on the grades and such.


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