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Re: Direct Supervision in Texas and WOOD TRUSSES

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>I don't think I should be
>responsible to verify the truss is strong enough or stiff enough. Just like
>the grade stamp the engineers seal and their company logo take care of
>liability in terms of a localized failure of a truss. More often than not
>the truss profile sheet with the engineers seal has erroneous information.
If you're aware that your vendor is supplying you with incorrect 
information, then part of your 'due diligence' is calling them on it and 
getting a correction, finding a vendor who supplies correct information, 
or doing the numbers yourself. 

You might want to ask yourself how you'd explain your position if you 
were being deposed. It almost sounds like you are doing some sniffing 
around your vendors documentation and ignoring errors that you find. 

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