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Re: Direct Supervision in Texas and WOOD TRUSSES

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>No that's not the case, I'm notorious for sending truss submittals back at
>least five times because the one sheet truss profile needs to say everything
>that the truss designer has designed it for.
Sorry--didn't mean to slander you ;-> I really get nervous when I get 
information that doesn't square with what was agreed to. I tend to nag 
about it a great deal. 

>I don't want to check their calculations or even see them because
>in court that could make be responsible/liable for them.
I'm confess I fail to see where any professional could be considered more 
at fault for _not_ checking vendor details. I've testified in a lot of 
cases (mechanical, not building design) and failure to cross-check what 
someone was told is plaintiff counsel's dream come true. Has this ever 
actually happened to you? 

As far as I can tell there'd be only 2 outcomes, both favorable. If you 
verify the vendors figures, great--independent checks never hurt. If you 
can't verify their numbers, you may have found a mistake and not only 
saved your own ass, but sent a wake-up call to your vendor. 

>If the truss mfr changes the wording on the truss profile without changing
>the actual design then I assume he overdesigned it in the first place. If it
>ends up being underdesigned then it's his neck because my piece of paper
>says it's certified to carry the minimum required load.
assume--one word, three parts: ass, u and me. It may end up being his 
neck, but dollars to donuts you'll end up paying a piece of the damages, 
and you'll be a party to any suit to begin with, even if you're dropped. 

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