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Re: Providiing continuity around openings in timber-framed shear walls

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Diaphragms With Openings (Analysis method per Diekmann)
Ben's short straps are also horizontal (just shorter). It is possible to break the wall into a bunch of free body diagrams & analyze the nailing for each panel & strap length/nailing. But it's a PITA, so typically the straps go full width & the king studs are nailed full height horizontal & 4 vertical rows with edge nailing. The question is whether or not to use 4 tie downs or 2.

With 4, the straps are a way around the aspect ratio limitation but the tiedown forces can get very large. With 2, the tie down loads go down but the shear in the panels above & below the window go up. It's a matter of engineering judgment, the geometry & load level will sometimes make me go one way or the other.

Tom mentioned a reference (454 pgs. IIRC) that Ed Diekmann helped generate. Lots of tests that purportedly validate the method.

Perforated Shearwalls
This is a 2 tiedowns & no strap (unreinforced opening) system. It is entirely empirical (Sugiyama & Dolan & maybe APA did a lot of tests). It's a cheap way to design & build a relatively lightly stressed shearwall. It may or may not be acceptable to the local CBA. I personally won't use it.

Chuck Utzman, P.E.

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