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Re: C & C

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I thought I had guessed meaning of MWFRS, but now I am
not sure.  What does it stand for?

On 15 Apr 2004 at 9:21, Andrew Kester wrote:

> Jim K:
> I guess how much info you put on your plans depends on where you are
> and the local jurisdiction. The Florida Building Code requires us to
> supply C and C loads, in psf, "..for the design of exterior compnent
> and cladding materials not specifically designed by the registered
> design professional."
> At my old company we used to supply the basic information like you
> first described. At the my current company they had our CAD techs
> redraw all of the ASCE and FBC wind diagrams and create schedules. The
> engineers basically fill the shedules out per the ASCE wind tables for
> all of the situations. These go right on our roof framing plan sheet.
> This covers not only trusses and joists, but curtain walls, storefront
> assemblies, doors, windows, misc. metal stud if we don't design it,
> etc. It is a bit of work up front, but once you create the schedules
> it is a breeze, no pun intended.
> As far as trusses being MWFRS, that means if you remove one truss you
> are effecting the stability of the entire building? That is just
> silly. 
> FBC: "MWFRS: An assemblage of structural elements assigned to provide
> support and stability for the overall structure."
> Andrew kester, PE
>   Longwood, FL  32750

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