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RE: Components & Cladding for Wood Roof Trusses

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>About 1,000 trusses have been intstalled on a project of mine and I still
>have not receieved adequate calculations for them. The most recent submittal
>shows truss plates of different sizes than the first submittal.
>Unfortunately these trusses have already been fabricated and installed, and
>I doubt that little elves went and put the newly calc'd plate sizes on all
>of them.
I'm glad I'm not in your shoes... (Not very professional of me, but I 
don't deal well with that kind of stress) Holding off owners and your 
company management worried about non-compliant construction on the one 
hand and trying to get information from the truss suppliers, who are 
probably denying everything. I sure hope you didn't pay for the trusses 

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