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Re: Direct Supervision in Texas and WOOD TRUSSES

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>At least this gives you something to argue in court that's
>fairly easy to convey.
But not half so easy to convey as the plaintiff's argument that the work 
was slipshod and that as EOR you should bear at least part of the burden. 
Particularly if the truss design was not done by a professional engineer. 

>Think about it like the 2x4 example. Should you
>have to check each and every 2x4 in each structure to ensure that the
>grading institution did it's job correctly and gave the proper grade
>designation? If you don't and a 2x4 fails (because it was misgraded) are you
>liable or is it solely the grading institution's fault?
I expect that if if I knew that previous grading had been erroneous, I 
might do exactly that, except I wouldn't do it for long, because I 
wouldn't be using that particular grader again. Assigning fault doesn't 
do anything to solve either the truss problem or the grading problem.

I agree that when you pay a guy to do something, it should be done right, 
but until you can rely on your supplier you have the problem, because 
it's your project. If your client finds that the trusses aren't 
compliant, he's not going to be too happy if you brush him off with, 
'That's not my fault.'

As to the economics of the job,  you might want to include the 
possibility of litigation in the cost trade-off

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