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Re: Providiing continuity around openings in timber-framed shear walls

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Thor -

At this time, we have a doctoral student who is completing a
dissertation which is not focused on, but does address to some

Part of the issue with developing "definitive" results for
shear walls with openings is finding someone (or several someones)
with pockets deep enough to run an adequate series of tests.  Ideally,
this would be a series on the order of what was conducted for the
CoLA/FEMA work spearheaded by SEAOC and UCI.  There are many
different interests, each of whom has their preferred "questions"
to answer.  As a result, some of the consortia assembled have answered
*part* of the question, but in such a way as to make completing the
answer difficult.  I'd like to sell someone on attacking *just*
this problem, and minimizing the side tracks.  However, it's sometimes
hard to sell people outside the structural engineering community that
this is a major issue, and structural engineers are not typically
rolling in research funds.

At present, I'm working to find some *real* funding to augment
a series of preliminary tests conducted here.  I'm most of the way
through an analytical modeling concept, although I'd like to validate
it on several more configurations before I declare it "safe to

Sloping top chords, while interesting, are not currently on the radar


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