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Quonset Huts to Barrel Roofs (An Update)

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Thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier message about quonset 
huts.  However, it turns out that my Architect friend can't tell a 
quonset hut from a conventional building with an arched or barrel 

The "staves" of the barrel are 2"x6" at 16" centres running the 
length of the building and the "hoops" of the barrel are 1"x4" at 16" 
centres nailed to the 2"x6".  Then 1"x4" tongue and groove are nailed 
lengthwise to the 1"x4" hoops.

Originally, a ceiling was at the top of the wall which resisted the 
outward thrust of the circular arch, but the tenants removed this 
ceiling to get more head room and installed a centre wall running the 
entire length of the building and then installed 1/4" diameter 
aircraft cable in 3 places across the width to resist the outward 
lateral forces from the arch.

Why the whole thing did not come crashing down when they were doing 
the work is beyond me.  I believe that the 1"x4" hoops and the tongue 
and groove are acting as a thin shell and the 2"x6" running the 
length acting as a form.  So far, I have not been able to find any 
info on this type of construction and wonder if anyone has any info.

Gary Hodgson, P.Eng.
Niagara Falls, ON

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Does anybody on the list have any info on the design and construction
of Quonset huts?  My customer wants me to go look at one today and
give him a report.  I will decide after seeing it whether I want to
get involved but, at the moment, I have no info and feel I should 
out what resources are available.

Gary Hodgson, P.Eng.
Niagara Falls, ON
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