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Slab edge design for high loads

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I am reviewing the design of a slab edge closure plate for a manufacturer of light gage metal exterior wall panels.  The SEOR provided a 12ga closure plate at all locations.  The slab is reinforced with #4 candy canes, top bars, transverse bars inside the hooks, and welded wire fabric.
The loads from the wall panels are concentrated at up to 2500 lbs vertical and 3000 lbs horizontal, in and out.  Obviously, 12 ga is useless for these loads.  Most of the slab overhangs are about 4" from the edge of a 5" flange.
My questions are:
What are the proper load paths for such slab edge loadings?
Does the thickness of the plate hanging off of the beam carry all of the load?
If we add deformed bar anchors welded to the back of the plate, do they transmit all of the load back into the rebar of the slab?
Perhaps this is the right case for gussets on the back of the pour stop - but then they could foul the rebar.  And some of the 12ga plates have already been installed.  I haven't sorted out what to do in that case.
Any thoughts on how to approach this scenario would be greatly appreciated.
James Wilson, P.E.
Stroudsburg, PA

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