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Re: Slab edge design for high loads

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		If you want the deformed bar anchors, I would add them to
the back of the 12 Ga. sheet. PCI recommends (PCI Handbook, 5th, p. 6-13,
Section that the plate thickness be at least 1/2 the diameter of
the stud, which limits the stud diameter.
		I would ensure the slab edge is reinforced as a cantilever
(if the panels are supported by a cantilevered portion of the slab), and
check the slab using shear friction. Any outward horizontal force is
subtracted directly from the steel capacity used for shear friction.
		How are these panels anchored? Can you tie them to an
embedment in the top of the slab that has attached tail bars that anchor it
into the main portion of the slab? Then you could ignore any structural
contribution from a pour stop made from a thickness not usually considered
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