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retaining wall seismic design

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Can anyone give me some references for seismic design of retaining structures?  Thanks.
I'll try to explain the situation I have.
I have a concrete building partially below grade.  The inside clear height is approx. 20' +/-, the walls will be cast in place retaining wall, retain about 17' +/- of soil on three sides of the building.  The roof will be pre-cast planks with topping slab.  The building is about 100' x 100'.  The concrete topping slab will be the rigid diaphragm on the roof.  How would the seismic load from retained soil be appliced to the diaphragm, since there will be equal amount of retaining at the opposite sides of the building.  If the retained soil is in contact with the retaining wall at all time, then there won't be much of diaphragm force, only thing left is the axial compression left in the planks. 
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