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RE: Concrete Flat Work

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Bit of a late reply but if you are still interested, here is my 2 cents worth.  The temperature shouldn't be a factor - as long as you  aren't actually freezing the concrete.  If you do, then you will have structural problems bigger than colour.  Concrete actually likes to cure at about 4-10 degrees C. 
The colour problem could have been caused by the additional water as water curing will, according to my local source, cause concrete to lighten. 
 Here is a web site that discusses it from an industry point of view.

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Any suggestions for my good cousin?  Here is her question:
"I had colored concrete poured last Nov. I was concerned about the weather was cold around Thanksgiving. I asked the concrete person...should it be covered and he said NO.OK, must be a curing agent added. It is a wet cure. It rained for two days after it was poured then I kept it wet. But it was cold. Now the concrete is colored. The only place the concrete looks like the color chart is where the concrete was covered by house overhang. Landscaper says that's just the way it is. I know the concrete cured improperly but who am I. Would you be able to find out who I could hire to do an evaluation analysis of the concrete...I.E. determine if it was improperly cured because it was not covered? It would go far coming from another person of authority. I am quite sure temps were about 33F also."
Michel Blangy

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