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Steel embedded in concrete

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I am looking at putting a suspended slab next to an existing concrete
foundation wall.  I am suspending the slab because I don't know the
condition of the soil to know if it can support the slab load without
excessive settling.  Since it is backfill against an existing wall I
would assume it is loose.  I was considering bolting an angle to the wall
and burring it in the concrete slab for support of the slab.  The slab
would be a one-way slab so the angle would be the primary support.  

I would like some advice on what to do with the angle.  Should I leave it
as "black steel"?  Should it be galvanized?  Maybe coated with zinc-rich
primer?  Should I wrap it in building paper so the concrete doesn't bond
to the steel so that when the concrete shrinks it doesn't pull the bolts
out of the wall?



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