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Banning California - One Story In-fill Frame retrofit - need engineer

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I had a couple of calls from a possible client in Banning California that is considering the purchase of a one story commercial building we originally thought to be URM. However, from my latest discussion with the buyer, the testing lab I recommended was out to do a Pachometer test on the walls and the way he described the building, there are reinforced pilasters and single wythe decorative CMU units between that are unreinforced. The spacing of the columns is approximately 12-feet and although he did not say, I would assume the pilasters are connected to a continuous bond beam around the building. The roof is a peaked truss and he described some retrofit plates that had been installed at the ceiling level (below the roof trusses). He also described what I assume is a truss repair – a full length of truss, threaded rod and coupler that is grouted into the in-fill or bond-beams. He was not clear, but seemed to confirm that the trusses had been damaged from water over the years and this is where I believed the rod is a truss repair.


Finally, there is a partial wood framed second story above that was added some time after the building was constructed (around the 1930’s due to the discovery of round rebar where they were using square rebar in the 1920’s.


If this is an in-fill frame building then I believe it will require a dynamic analysis and I am not qualified to do this. I would like to find another engineer who might be close enough to Banning to takes such a project and who has the experience with in-fill framed structures.


If you are interested in this project, please e-mail me privately and I will pass along the clients name. I am interested in how an in-fill framed building is modeled and analyzed for retrofit. If one of you is able to obtain the work, I hope you will allow me to view your work so that I can learn from what you have done. I ask nothing in return other than the ability to learn from you.





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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