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RE: Bolt tightening testing co. in Phila. area

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Are you looking at bolts that are already installed, or bolts yet to be installed?  There is a big difference.


Once all bolts in a given project are installed the issue is arbitration not inspection.  In arbitration, a torque wrench is allowed.  Bolts are removed, placed in a Skidmore and tested for tensile load relative to the torque reading from the Skidmore.  You can get pretty good corroboration for A325 bolts.  A 490’s are more variable since the threads deform more if they are brought up to the appropriate tension load.  The increased local thread deformation makes it difficult to determine what the initial tension load is. 


I would contact Bob Shaw at the Steel Structures Technology Center for a recommendation. 


Harold O. Sprague


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Subject: Bolt tightening testing co. in Phila. area


A collegue has asked me for a recommendation for a company that does bolt tightening testing in the Phila. PA area.  Do any of you have one or two that you would recommend?


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