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RE: Fire Damage repairs

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Thanks again Robert.

I am looking for that explicit language in CBC where it says if you have
structural damage repair that exceeds 50% of the building replacement cost,
then the entire bulding must be upgraded to comply with the current code. I
don't have the CBC, and the UBC does not have that language except for
damage due to natural disasters.

Does Title 24, Part 1 spell out the 50% trigger due to "required structural
repairs" or are you going by memory? If it does, then that's what I need.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA

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Thanks for your return e-mail.
You may want to look at Title 24, Part 1 in addition to Section 3400.
Investigate 'required structural repairs'.   50% repairs due to fire
damage appear to be part of 'required structural repairs'.  I do not
have a copy of that document.
When a building undergoes 'required structural repairs' the full new
code will be enforced.  Examples of a 'non-required structural repair'
would be deferred maintenance:  re-roofing, repair minor spalled
Examples of 'required structural repair' could include replacing damaged
reinforcement in a concrete beam, or replacing damaged structural wood
floor beams.  There can be a fine line between the two in some
conditions that require engineering judgement on the part of the
Engineer and the Building Official. 
with Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect
Structural Designer
Integrated Design Services, Inc.
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